Etat Libre d’Orange Putain Des Palaces

Putain Des Palaces English: Fucking Palaces.

Yes, it has been described as a fragrance for the femme fatale, but I’m rocking it today, so I get extra points for tenacity. I don’t care, and I dig this scent. Flowery and powdery but masculine and tough. It’s delicious. My team of male testers have an ongoing debate, would they like to rock it themselves or enjoy it on a female companion? The answer is overwhelming both. We want to wear this fragrance and have our partners ware it at the same time. We can’t get enough. Someones been digging through 1700s perfumer Jean-Louis Fargeon’s old notes to create the ultimate fragrance for the queen of France and found the essential elements. Putain Des Palaces should be relaunched at Versailles to complete the story of one of the most magnificent unisex fragrances ever.

I had a great time sampling this product.

– D. Eisel

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