Etat Libre d’Orange Secretions Magnifies

Secretions Magnifies

Secretions Magnifies came in the mail today, and we were excited to review it. I opened the sample, and it was a stick instead of a spray. Not realizing this, I spilled half the sample on my hand. In the excitement, we realized this was a chance to turn an obstacle into an opportunity, so we got right to work. We have seen the videos of people freaking out upon sampling this, and In my opinion, they are exaggerating. Maybe because of the name or fear of the unknown? Let’s start with what it is not: This is not the worst smelling fragrance I have tried, but it is unique. It is not sour, and I did not experience notes of trash, piss, or spoiled milk. What it is: It is an individual human-like scent. Top Note is an ocean. Underneath I get sandalwood and luxury. It’s like a late afternoon at the beach smelling ocean spray with cum on your hand at the same time. It is like a fresh new romance and the excitement of licking someone’s inner thigh. It’s not for everyone, but It’s pretty cool. There’s no need to be afraid of this fragrance at all. I would place the overall scent on the feminine side. On dry-down it’s top Note has a beach vibe, sandalwood and clean, fresh soap which can be a bit harsh but its captured realistically. Secretions Magnifiques is an experience, and I enjoyed every minute of it.

I had a great time sampling this product.

– D. Eisel

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