Mancera Aoud Violet

Aoud Violet
Top note: I get a substantial opening of agarwood. To me, this has the wrong aspect of aoud/oud/agarwood. I find it to be rubbery and bitter. I also get the unappealing note from sticky cannabis resin that stays on your hands after trimming weed all day. I can not detect any violet in this scent even though it is in the name. Mid-day: There is an excellent base to this scent, and I thought it would come through, but unfortunately, it did not. The top notes would not give way to complexity underneath. At the price point that they are asking for “Aoud Violet,” I would not expect to smell like the tire rack on gasoline ally. Longevity is not an issue with this. It will last into the evening. This is probably someone’s favorite cologne, but it is not the one for me. I will not be rocking this one again.

– D. Eisel

Mancera Cedrat Boise

Cedrat Boise English: Wooded Cedar

Top note: This is a very bright fruit basket with spicy, creamy cedar. This scent has a youthfulness, especially when first applied. It’s the idea of escaping the lecture going outside to the forest and running through the trees. The fruity notes contrast the seriousness of the wood notes. Mid-day: Softened to bergamot, cedar, leather. Longevity is excellent. One application lasts all day. Enjoyable and masculine.

I had a great time sampling this product.

– D. Eisel

House of Mancera Cologne Review.

We have received a new line of niche cologne to sample.

Men’s discovery collection from the house of Mancera Paris, France.

Short history.

Pierre Montale gives birth to the Mancera house. This is the beginning of a unique collaboration between a father and his daughter. Founded 2008

I sample one cologne a day -all day- so you don’t have to. I will report on changes throughout the day, top-notes, character, and longevity.

I will be testing the following:








Ride along with me on this blog. Let’s discover the house of Mancera men’s line together.

– D. Eisel

Mancera Wind Wood

Wind Wood

Top note is Oud. The oil from agarwood is called Oud, and it is sometimes referred to as ‘liquid gold’ because it is 1.5 times the value of gold. Underneath I get notes of valor, patchouli, vanilla, and oakmoss. It is a woody, peppery slightly sweet scent and leans softly toward the masculine. There are similar scents on the market, but this blend has a zesty, clean complexity. It’s like a shower enclosure with a large window providing a view of the forest. Slightly revealing but refreshing and enjoyable.

I had a great time sampling this product.

– D. Eisel