Rich Hippie Nirvana


All organic fragrance for women and men. Top note: Sandalwood. Underneath: Bay leaf and bergamot. We sampled Rich Hippie at the Aira in Las Vegas several years ago, and we were impressed. It is a California house in tandem with “Nature Girl”. The product is 100% natural and chemical-free. I have purchased a few scents from Rich Hippie, and my favorite is Nirvana. This scent takes me to the Lost Coast. Humboldt and Mendocino, California. It’s the scent you would expect in a van on the beach with surfboards on top. Climb inside and wrap yourself In a warm Mexican blanket. Inhale the aroma of trinkets from the hippie shops mixing with the scents from the redwoods and the ocean. This one is slightly masculine, and longevity is an issue, so wear it heavy. They nailed the feeling of a trip to Humboldt County with this scent. It’s one of my go-to Colognes.

I had a great time sampling this product.

– D. Eisel